Teaching Kinders to Hold Scissors Properly

If you are like most kindergarten teachers, the beginning of the school year brought you a handful of students who are still learning to hold and use scissors properly.  If you are looking for a strategy to help them remember how to hold those scissors, try using these six cues that our OT used with my students.  I have made them into a poster with visual cues that my students are able to read independently as a reminder to themselves and each other.  (No chicken wings means keep your elbows down).

One other little trick that I sometimes use for students who are having a hard time keeping their elbows down is I have them lie down on their stomach while cutting.  As they need their elbows to support themselves, they are forced to keep their elbows down and in turn, use their helper hand to steer.

What do you do in your class to help your students learn scissor skills?  If you have another trick or idea, please share it below.


2 comments on “Teaching Kinders to Hold Scissors Properly

  1. Linda in Calgary says:

    Hello Melissa,

    I’d like to get your permission to include your poster in an in-house hand-out on teaching scissor skills to preschoolers. Of course, I would properly reference you as the source. How can I contact you to ask?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Linda,
      I will try to send you an e-mail, but feel free to use that handout. I am glad to see that others are finding it useful as that was the intent when I created it.

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