Shoes on the Wrong Feet? Here’s a simple fix….

Do you know someone who always puts their shoes on the wrong feet?

If this looks familiar, here is a simple trick to help your little one get their shoes on the proper feet.  With a permanent marker, draw a dot on the inside edge the sole of each shoe.  Teach your child to line the dots up before putting their shoes one.  If their shoes are on the correct feet, the dots should be able to touch.  If they can’t touch, a simple reminder like “Did you check your dots?” is usually enough to help the child figure out how to make them right.

Lining up these little dots before putting on shoes helps children get them on the proper feet.

4 comments on “Shoes on the Wrong Feet? Here’s a simple fix….

  1. Stephanie says:

    I do the same thing except I draw smily faces and tell the kids to make the faces kiss…they seem to think that is really funny!

    • Thanks for sharing Stephanie! I’ve done smiles too (except I tell them to make sure the smiles can talk so they aren’t lonely all day). Sometimes for my boys I will draw a rocket on one shoe and a star on the other and tell them the astronauts want to be able to see the star from their rocket. There are lots of little stories you can come up with to help them remember.

  2. Dave says:

    Sent to all T&M employees. Will forward any comments

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